ServiceNow Change Management: Guide for 2022

Change management in any organization is a systematic approach to controlling and facilitating all the changes made with minimal or no disruption to the existing services. Based on several standard protocols, a business implements the change management system to bring an evolution in the processes. 

Change management is pertinent to each department in an organization. This change for expansion undergoes a process of assessment, planning, implementation, and validation, bringing the effective change a business desires. Therefore, it is vital to understand change management deeply. Let’s find out.

What is Change Management?

Change management is a collective term for all approaches performed by an organization to manage change and development within the business. It includes methods for redefining and redirecting the use of resources, business processes, and other modus operandi. 

The objective of Change Management is to ensure that standardized procedures and methods demonstrate efficient and prompt handling of all organizational changes. In addition, changes may arise reactively in the organization’s IT infrastructure in response to external pressures such as legislative changes.  

Change management is potentially a choice for ensuring adequate methods, processes, and procedures for facilitating required changes. The standardized protocols secure control of efficient and prompt handling and maintain a balance between the need for change and the detrimental impact that may occur due to the change.

What does Change Management Mean for an IT Department?

When looking at Change Management from the perspective of an IT department, several business processes or resources need to change with time. For instance, the organization looks forward to updating the database. In such a scenario, the internal team raises a change request to initiate the change process. As we’ve already discussed, Change Management undergoes a process of assessment, planning, implementation, and validation, and by onboarding IT Service Management (ITMS) tools like ServiceNow, you can quickly request and manage the change.

In simpler terms, IT Change Management is an ITMS process that involves the provisions of systematic approaches, facilitating beneficial changes with minimal disruption to the IT services and business operations of that particular organization. 

Why is Change Crucial for Organizations?

We all agree on the fact that globalization and innovation of technology are the primary reasons for the change in an organizational environment. With the increase in the adaptability of the technology and its usage, we can see the businesses evolving, and the effect of it is an increase in change and therefore Change Management

The information is now easily accessible, resulting in unprecedented scrutiny from external forces such as the media and some internal pressures from the stakeholders. By integrating data or technology, the organization’s addressing the need for Change Management leads to better control of resources and business processes and treats it as their primary objective. These forces are pressuring the management, leading the business environment to experience much change. 

To overcome such hindrances that may occur with the adoption or change in information or technology, Change Management ensures control of IT infrastructure, resources, or business processes to minimize the impact of any change in the organization.

What is ServiceNow Change Management?

For organizations to remain competitive, ServiceNow Change Management provides tools and resources to optimize, monitor, and streamline the change in any organization. In addition, Change Management delivers functionalities such as advanced automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for easier and more effective Change Management solutions.  

When looking at the capabilities (features), ServiceNow delivers tools that no other Change Management software provider offers in the industry. As a result, it makes ServiceNow the most popular and renowned name for Change Management solutions. Let us now have a brief look at the capabilities. It includes:

Multimodal Change

You can customize change activities and workflows according to cases.

Automation of Success Score

You can calculate the likelihood of success by providing a numerical success score before automating approvals.

Dynamic Approval Policies

You can use approval definitions for generating approvals according to your business requirements.  

Built-in Risk Assessment

You can apply machine learning capabilities to improve risk-assessment effectiveness.

CAB Workbench

Create and run Change Advisory Board meetings and bring strategies for guidance, assessment, and potential failed changes. 

Conflict Detection

You can identify and resolve scheduling conflicts based on configuration items. 

ServiceNow Change Management includes guides, documentation, scheduling, timeline, and analytics. It also ensures that the changes that have to be implemented are effective. 

What are the Benefits of ServiceNow Change Management?

When an organization follows the process of planning, approving, and implementing IT changes, such businesses can reap the benefits, including:

Benefits for Organisation

  • Decrease in the number of changes scheduled simultaneously, that do not result in conflicts and blocked resources.
  • Roll out the changes without affecting other operations in the organization.
  • With detailed documentation and evaluation process, chances of Change Management failure are less. 
  • Accurate change classification
  • With improvement in streamlining processes and change automation, you can guide your team to focus on other tasks. 

Benefits for End-User 

  • Increase in transparency for scheduled changes
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Fewer disruptions

How NGenious Help in Implementing the Change Management in your Organization?

NGenious Solutions is the Implementation Partner with ServiceNow. The ServiceNow experts at NGenious assist you with consultation and technical assistance. Other than guiding the organizations, here are the services they will potentially deliver and work on the same with you.

Consulting and Planning

Understanding the varied requirements of the business, NGenious experts will provide extensive consultation and planning by creating customized plans according to your business necessities.

Implementation and Deployment

As an implementation partner with ServiceNow, we take full responsibility for implementing the desired tools of ServiceNow Change Management and assisting you to run smooth processes with enhanced business opportunities. 


Migrating from one system to another is easy with NGenious. The technical experts take a load of migration without any loss of data. 


We offer cost-effective ServiceNow support packages. You can pick from various packages available depending on your business needs. 

NGenious solution helps businesses overcome the barriers of digital transformation for 18 years. Becoming ServiceNow’s implementation and reseller partner brings our expertise under the spotlight by itself. If you are looking for professional assistance or consultation regarding ServiceNow solutions, you can directly reach out to us by filling out the contact us form.