You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Cloud Computing

Wondering whether you should move to the cloud? Seeing the endless benefits that cloud offers – it is a no-brainer! There has been an acceleration in the service releases by cloud service providers and also in the adoption rate of cloud by businesses. To top it – cloud computing services are now available at a fraction of cost as they were available earlier. This has given a boost to small businesses who could not afford the complex IT infrastructure, owing to its stupendous costs earlier. The field is thus being leveled for small businesses. Result – there is an impressive list of once small businesses that have disrupted the market using cloud computing. E.g. Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and hundreds of other small companies. Cloud is undoubtedly the future these days. It is changing how we do business – changing the way individuals, businesses, and companies conduct themselves and carry out their activities. From the enormous benefits that cloud offers, here is a list of just a few, but important cloud benefits: 1. Greater Scalability Putting applications in the cloud delivers… Read More