Everything you need to know about implementing modules in ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a highly popular platform for IT services management (ITSM), especially for organizations that are currently undergoing a digital transformation. The appeal of the solution largely lies in its comprehensiveness which enables businesses to use this single platform for all their ITSM requirements. ServiceNow provides modules that can be used by organizations to enhance their workflows, reduce costs, improve customer feedback, minimize cases of security incidents, and more.  

What are the most common types of modules? What kind of steps are involved in the successful implementation of ServiceNow modules? Let us find this out now: 

Types of ServiceNow modules


  • ServiceNow ITSM Module

ServiceNow ITSM module helps organizations ensure that they meet and exceed their customer expectations. It minimizes the time needed by the IT teams to solve issues. ServiceNow ITSM provides analytics that enables the business to understand its performance and figure out ways to improve the same. It also makes use of the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) for aligning the organization’s business strategy with its IT strategy. This ServiceNow ITSM platform also has a Virtual Agent that helps in handling certain customer service tasks like responding to questions, etc., thus improving both customer and employee satisfaction.

  • ServiceNow ITBM Module

The ServiceNow ITBM module helps in overseeing and managing multiple IT investments. It also helps with allocation, value maximization, and the benefits derived from said investments. By providing transparency of all the processes, people, and projects, this module can also lead to an increase in the business value. This is because managing investments helps ensure that you meet the organizational goals and can adapt to industry shifts and other changes swiftly. In essence, integration of the ITBM module enables teams to work within set budgets and deliver improved products without any delay.

  • ServiceNow ITOM Module

ServiceNow ITOM module, as the name suggests, helps in dealing with Operations Management. Many teams across the organization face issues with managing their services, governance, cloud deployment, etc. Amid this, the ITOM module enables the teams to improve efficiency and innovation through creation of records between the deployments and other data centers. By showing the issues and root causes of the problems that the application may be facing, the module enables software developers and the IT infrastructure team to detect and resolve everything within a short period, thereby reducing downtime cases. This further helps in eliminating the usage of multiple SAAS platforms, PAAS, hybrid cloud, and other such services.  

Implementation of ServiceNow Modules

A smooth ServiceNow Implementation can help organizations focus their resources and budgets on innovation, improving their ability to respond to industry trends and shifts. However, to get the most out of ServiceNow, you need to think of this process not only as an implementation of a tool, but also as the launching of a program that will digitize, automate, and optimize your back office to ultimately improve efficiency across the organization and it also reduces the ServiceNow implementation cost.

Organizations are often found to be struggling with different aspects of business processes that affect various departments, be it development, HR, customer care, marketing, or more. The integration of ServiceNow comes with different modules that can help cater to some of the issues. The module solves problems like security incidents, slow development, use of old methods of software development, poor maintenance of IT services, mismanagement of IT assets, poor compliance to regulations, etc.  

With the successful ServiceNow implementation of modules, these issues can be eliminated, and new features can be introduced to increase the overall performance of the organization. This is how the modules play a very significant role in changing up IT Service Management and bringing about Digital Transformation. 


ServiceNow is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution. The platform allows organizations to standardize ITSM to an extent, but it is important to keep in mind that the entire process takes time as well as resources.

In case your organization is struggling to choose the best ServiceNow implementation partner, or if you are trying to avoid challenges that others have struggled with, reach out to our specialized team. Armed with years of experience and proven expertise, NGenious Solutions can help your business achieve successful outcomes and transform digitally using ServiceNow. 

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