Migration & Rebuilding Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint 2013 for the Pharmaceutical Industry

A leading US-based pharmaceutical company, established in 1988, sought to modernize its outdated Lotus Notes-based cost-saving idea submission system known as "2B2 Online." They aimed to transition to a web-based platform for efficiency and improved user experience.

NGenious proposed a solution which entails:

  • Leveraging the company's existing SharePoint 2013 infrastructure and Nintex Workflows
  • Transforming the system with a user-friendly interface using InfoPath 2013 forms
  • Implementing Nintex workflows for multi-level approvals and automated notifications based on request status
  • Ensuring data integrity through SharePoint lists and security features

This solution was delivered using an agile development approach, providing:

  • Rapid and cost-effective results
  • Saved time and resources for the client
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

The modernization of the "2B2 Online" system enabled the pharmaceutical company to streamline their cost-saving idea submission process, improve efficiency, and enhance the user experience.

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