Migration and Implementation from SharePoint 2016 Using SharePoint Online for Government Agency

A US government agency embarked on a complex migration project to transition from its existing environment to a shared state government SharePoint Online platform. They faced the challenge of coordinating efforts with two other vendors for project success.

NGenious proposed a solution which entails:

  • Deploying a team of six experts
  • Utilizing a time and material engagement model spanning eight months
  • Organized migration of 15 terabytes of SharePoint site content
  • Adhering to the as-is structure and permissions
  • Leveraging tools like SMAT and Sharegate

Through this solution, NGenious:

  • Ensured a seamless migration
  • Met timelines
  • Collaborated effectively with partner vendors

The comprehensive approach and expert team from NGenious played a crucial role in the successful migration of the government agency's SharePoint environment.

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