Migration from SharePoint 2013 to .NET for Paediatric Hospital

A renowned pediatric acute care teaching hospital in Dallas, Texas, faced the challenge of migrating multiple custom solutions from SharePoint 2013 to .NET applications before the SharePoint platform's scheduled sunset in April 2023. NGenious was entrusted with the task of rebuilding and migrating complex forms and workflows, including:

  • Pre-Construction Risk Assessment
  • Above Ceiling forms
  • Utility shutdown forms
  • Notifications

The migration also involved transitioning from Windows NT login to form-based login.

NGenious proposed a solution which entails:

  • Hosting the solution on Azure as a SaaS model
  • Implementing robust security measures, including a Web Application Firewall
  • Utilizing technologies like Azure SaaS, .NET Core, MySQL, C#,, and Microsoft Visual Studio

Through this solution, NGenious achieved:

  • A seamless transition from SharePoint 2013 to .NET applications
  • Improved website speed by 25%, enhancing organizational productivity

The comprehensive approach by NGenious ensured a successful migration for the renowned pediatric acute care teaching hospital, positioning them for continued excellence in their operations.

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