Dashboards and Reporting Using Power BI for the Manufacturing Industry

NGenious Solutions played a pivotal role in assisting a diversified manufacturer in Mumbai, India. The client was grappling with challenges stemming from manual Excel-based reporting, which led to delays and outdated data affecting crucial decision-making.

NGenious proposed a solution which entails:

  • Leveraging Power BI, Oracle Cloud CRM, and robust row-level security
  • Developing strategically devised reports and dashboards encompassing:
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Order Visibility
    • Supply Chain
    • Sales Analysis
    • Pipeline Analysis
  • Facilitating real-time accessibility and device-agnostic insights

The outcomes of this solution were remarkable, featuring:

  • Swift and accurate reporting
  • Process streamlining
  • Heightened operational efficiency
  • An empowered decision-making environment

This transformation revolutionized the client's business intelligence capabilities, enabling them to overcome their challenges and achieve operational excellence.

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