Database Support Services

Database Support Overview

Our database support team becomes part of your database environment to provide unprecedented 24x7x365 service. There is no standard list of DBA activities you are restricted to. We perform any DBA support task anytime you need it. Within our company’s best practices, our expert DBA will provide routine tasks, such as patching, backups (DR solutions), maintenance and implementation activity, configuration installation, performance tuning, capacity planning, Replication solutions, High Availability (HA), etc..

Our proactive database support will ensure that your database environment receives the preventative care it requires for the future while also promising to have the availability to respond to your most critical needs with integrity. The delivery design of our database support will never restrict your company’s ability to optimize your environment or ignore opportunities to improve current practices.

Key Capabilities of Support Services

Customer Service Requests

Database Health Checks

Proactive Administration

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

DBA Flexibility and Scalability

Our Services

DBA Flexibility and Scalability

We provide DBA consulting and advisory engagements of any length or depth that you define, and deliver Oracle consulting, SQL Server consulting, and MySQL consulting with superior performance.

  • Do you need a DBA, architect, or database developer for a project?
  • Do you have a temporary need for a known or uncertain length of time?
  • Are you looking for highly experienced expert database support for a specific database, infrastructure, application, or other IT end-to-end project?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most effective solution and avoid over-architected and expensive options that may interrupt the goal of keeping your business up and running as smoothly as possible. Our DBA consultants and advisors can suit your needs whether you require on-site, off-site, onshore, or offshore delivery. We can handle several projects requested in parallel or sequentially.

Typical Consulting Engagements Include
  • Database Assessments
  • Database Administration and Implementation
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Database Development Projects List Ite
  • Business Intelligence
Our Consulting and advisory Services
  • On-Site or Off-Site
  • Onshore or Offshore
  • Fixed Fee or T&M
  • Defined Projects
  • Skill Set Gap Support
  • PM Availability
  • Easy to Adjust

Database Staffing Services

We are a full service database services organization that has built a robust community of DBA experts across the country. Because of this specialization, many clients have turned to us to find specialized expertise, additional DBA capacity or other database staff augmentation needs. It is our mission to provide the best database staffing support to our customers with a delivery design that meets their needs as an organization.

We have acquired an extensive network of DBAs across many competencies and geographies. Through our extensive DBA recruiting process, we are proud to offer this staffing service to our clients and are confident that our technical vetting process will ensure that you receive the best candidate possible.

In addition to our DBA staffing services, we also offer a 24×7×365 database support team on demand to step in if required. All our DBAs on-site come equipped with the support of Ngenious Solutions’s remote team to provide additional capabilities, such as escalation and troubleshooting and additional technical validation or manpower when it is required.

We Provide
  • Internal dedicated DBA recruiting function.
  • The ability to support an on-site DBA.
  • Short-term availability.
  • Contract to hire.
  • Ongoing client care.
  • Easy no-cost replacement.
  • We backup with our team ready to step in at any time.
Professional Multi-Tiered Recruiting and Placement Process
  • Requirements gathering with the client.
  • Technical interview by a Sr. DBA is the appropriate practice that tests technical skill based on 3-tiered technical grading – interviewer is a leading, highly accomplished database expert in his field with a keen eye for quality and technical capacity.
  • Soft skills interview to check for communication and cultural fit.
  • We report to the client with recommendations for the best candidate.
  • Client interviews candidates.
  • Ngenious Solutions and client conference to talk about position and potential fit.

Database Projects Management

We have extensive experience planning and implementing database projects to meet your technical and business needs. While database consulting companies may dictate the right path, our DBA experts integrate themselves into your internal team to understand your company and develop a practical solution best suited to your environment and business goals. You will save the time of developing a new database project plan and money in avoiding the pitfalls of new implementations while also ensuring that your company’s unique needs are met.

All database projects are unique, requiring an in-depth understanding of the project at hand and the database environment. The project assignments can range from subsections of a larger project or entire departmental initiatives. They can be driven by application needs or developmental efforts. Projects can be forecasted strategically or can be an immediate unanticipated need. Regardless, Ngenious Solutions offers the database project support that can react, plan and implement any type of DBA project.

Bundled Project Delivery

Some of our clients need multiple small database projects as a single statement of work or have requested a structured long-term agreement that suits their budget and hedges against future emergencies. In response, we can discuss various options to determine which project options are best suited for your company’s needs.

Examples of Database Projects
  • Security and Audits
  • Server Migration & Up-gradation
  • Health Checks
  • Tuning Initiatives
  • BI, ETL and Reporting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Load Balancing
  • Backup and Recovery
  • High Availability and Failover
  • Always On High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Database Monitoring Services

Our database monitoring services encourage your DBAs to focus on the things that really matter and alleviates them from the constant worry of potential database alerts. We operate 24x7x365 database monitoring and support with on-shift DBAs – not just on-call rotation – supported by our delivery centres in New Jersey, and Mumbai. Utilizing multiple remote database monitoring locations enables our team to cover the time zones in which our clients operate.

By combining both onshore and offshore services, represented by a U.S.A -based Primary DBA, our remote database coverage provides benefits of an on-staff Tier-3 DBAs, plus those of our remote service during “off” hours

Our Capabilities of Monitoring Services
  • Proactive Database Monitoring
  • Issue Tracking
  • Ticketing System
  • Break/Fix Resolution Tuning Initiatives
  • Incident History
  • Customized Notifications
  • Remediation and Prevention
  • Timely alerts
  • Faster processing and response
  • Flexible configuration
  • Detection of changes in database environments
  • Collects only what’s important for best practices
  • Reduces single-points-of-failureList Item

Database Tuning Services

Proactive database tuning is our best practice and is a key differentiator from our competitors. We believe that quality service is to continually suggest, test and implement tuning changes to your database, server, or instance simultaneously while your internal DBA team can work on other priorities.

We provide tuning services for both long-term proactive and immediate short-term needs. Short-term tuning may require tuning of SQL statements, reports query, jobs, and backups. Proactive tuning incorporates database utilization, license optimization, ETL loading, clustering, log shipping, replication jobs or preproduction work. In any of these cases, our database tuning expertise can ensure that your database is optimized for performance and running smoothly.

Our key Tuning Services:
  • Storage and I/O
  • SQL Statement Tuning
  • Replication and Clustering Ticketing System
  • Backup and Recovery

Database Assessment Services

Our database assessment services will enable you to execute your plans for success with precision and confidence. In any company, a baseline is an important starting point for all parties to agree upon and shape future.

Our senior-level database administrators perform daily, they are ideal experts at leading the effort to conduct a detailed database analysis of your SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL environment. Whether you have a small environment that can be assessed in one day or a large complex environment that requires a team of experts diving into the details for months, we can provide key insights, short- and long-term database recommendations, optimization opportunities and information on alternative database approaches to your environment.

Before launch of an assessment, discovery interviews are conducted to connect with any staff involved in the design and implementation of any changes in the database environment. During this phase, we review:

Current environment details, such as usage peaks, concurrent sessions, index usage, etc
  • Backup and fault tolerance strategy.
  • Platform and hardware details.
  • Information on supported applications.
  • Recent problem history.
  • Running of database tools and scripts to analyze data and report on blockage, I/O contention, offensive queries, long-running queries, etc.

After the interviews, Ngenious Solutions documents, and analyses what it learned in the discovery phase. Further remote database access may be required within your environment, in compliance with your security policies, to complete the assessment.

The Final Database Assessment Provides
  • A detailed view of the current database environment.
  • Recommendations for improvements and efficiencies for the current database environment, both physical and virtual.
  • Performance improvement recommendations on the current database environment.
  • Recommendations on how to approach DR alternatives.

Database Upgradations and Migrations

Our administrators perform the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments every day using various methods, testing, configuration, and fallback routines. We service any version, any operating system, and any complexity – and have seen and completed it already in more than two hundred upgrades we have performed in the past years. Our expert DBAs frequently assist further in implementing new Capabilities and performance improvements, improving database availability, reliability, and recoverability.

Ngenious Solutions is unique in its capacity to design, document, articulate from continual upgrade scenarios and shared intellect to quickly get your solution in place.

The Most Prevalent End-of-Life Upgrades Include
  • SQL Server: All versions to SQL Server 2012.
  • Oracle: All versions to latest 11gR2 release.
  • MySQL: 4.4 and 5.x upgrades.

Remote DBA Services

Most companies don’t care about their database, they care about their data. They want it available, quick access, and worry about it. They want someone to consult and advise when they need to make changes, and want alerts when things go wrong. We provide comprehensive, 7×24 remote DBA support. We monitor and respond to alerts tuned specifically for your databases as well as tackle projects, provide architecture and design advice, and much more.

Our remote DBA services clients
  • Sleep well at night knowing critical systems are monitored around the clock.
  • Tap into the collective experience of our entire senior DBA staff for a fraction of the cost of a single consultant.
  • Get more from your existing database and infrastructure investment without spending more money.
  • Know what your system is doing with regular, proactive database assessments combined with 7×24 monitoring.
  • Improve employee retention by providing top cover for your existing DBA and technical staff.
  • Watch system performance improves while critical incidents are dramatically reduced.
We provide remote DBA services for
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

We focus on your database so you can focus on the data that drives your business.