Cloud Support Overview

NGenious Solutions provides a comprehensive, unified approach for organisations to transform, deliver and manage digital services through seamless cloud implementation. Nowadays, businesses run on data and without a comprehensive MSP your business can be affected by security threats, data loss and costly downtimes. Whether you have a public cloud or hybrid cloud, a cloud service provider holds immense cloud knowledge to support your environment, fill in management gaps and provide cloud compliance services.

Why Cloud Service Providers Are An Asset

Overcome the complexity (Hybrid)

Today organizations know that cloud implementation means investing in a strong future. We help organizations by managing the customers’ computing, storage, networks, and operating systems, along with the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure thereby simplifying the process of migrating to a cloud platform.


Cloud Monitoring Strategy is divided between Infrastructure Management and Configuration Management. It typically involves utilisation report of manual or automation techniques to monitor the performance of Applications, Instances, etc and ensuring the issues are addressed well in advance of assessment & evaluation of resource utilisation, server response times, availability & operating speeds.

Cost optimization /
Cost Control

By outsourcing your cloud services and cloud implementation, you can control and reduce costly network maintenance costs. Staffing a full-time IT department is expensive and often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses with simple networks. With the flexibility of cloud services, you decide how much you’re willing to pay for IT services and have a consistent monthly bill.

Our Cloud Services


We offer the fundamental infrastructure of virtual servers, network, operating systems and data storage drives. It allows for the flexibility, reliability and scalability that many businesses seek with the cloud and removes the need for hardware in the office.


Web/ Enterprise applications can be created quickly and easily via PaaS, and the service is flexible and robust enough to support them. PaaS solutions are scalable and ideal for business environments where multiple developers are working on a single project.

DR and Backup

Cloud DR is a form of off-site DR. An off-site strategy enables organizations to guard against incidents within the local infrastructure — fire, flood, theft and so on — and then either restore the resources to the local infrastructure or continue running the resources directly from the DR provider.


We offer Cloud Migration Services which are designed to help business transition key workflows and processes to cloud platforms — safely and efficiently. We advise clients on the best cloud migration strategy for their business.

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