Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint

Leverage Microsoft SharePoint to streamline and automate your business processes. 

Microsoft SharePoint helps business enterprises better manage their content management and document management needs with a powerful solution. In essence, it helps teams within the organization and enables them with the required information for seamless collaboration.  


Our SharePoint Services 


Our SharePoint Experts assists your business in choosing the right SharePoint Implementation approach, either on cloud or on-premise, implement the chosen approach, then customize it to align with your business needs and objectives 

Development and Customization 

Our SharePoint Developers create custom applications to cater to your business requirements which includes an Intranet, Workflow Management, Extranet, Content Management, Enterprise Search, and much more. We use the .NET Framework extensively along with custom code to create powerful solutions customized to your specifications. Our SharePoint Developers and Designers customize your site with improved User Interface & User Experience while also making it comply with your company’s branding guidelines and culture. 


NGenious offers SharePoint consulting services and solutions to enable seamless collaboration, accelerated engagement, and automation of all your business processes. We help you to extract the maximum out of what Microsoft SharePoint can offer to your organization.  


We specialize in integrating SharePoint with ERP, CRM’s, Microsoft Exchange, InfoPath, Office, SQL Server Reporting Services, BI Tools, Digital Dashboards and KPIs. Our SharePoint Experts have extensive experience and ensure that your data is managed and secure during this process and with minimal risks. 


We offer SharePoint Migration services for multiple situations weather you are migrating content from SharePoint on-premise to Online or a newer version of SharePoint onpremise. 

Support and Maintenance  

NGenious offers Support and Maintenance services on either Time and Material basis or Retainer Annual Contract, we also offer ad-hoc support service to ensure our clients have all systems up and running. Our support services are offered across L1 Support, L2 Support and L3 Support categories. 


We help you streamline the responsibilities and access levels, ensuring smooth running of SharePoint. We assist in keeping your systems secure and compliant. 


We bring down the time taken to search files by configuring your search process for optimized and faster results. This gives you a powerful search engine, to increase the productivity and efficiency.

Enhance your Business with SharePoint 

  • Seamlessly share and collaborate with file storage and sharing.
  • Collaborate inside and outside your organization, across devices.
  • Create a connected workplace with Intranet and team sites.
  • Engage and inform your employees, broadcast your message, or share resources with your teams.
  • Harness Knowledge with search and discovery
  • Discover information, expertise, and insights to make informed decisions and guide actions.
  • Transform processes with business process automation.
  • Streamline, automate, and transform processes with rich forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps.

Why Choose NGenious as SharePoint Development Partner


Our Experience

NGenious has been a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner for 12+ years in Collaboration and Content with a extensive experience in delivering to clients across the globe. We have catered to 150+ Clients and have been delivering Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services across domains and industries.

Product Knowledge

Working with SharePoint for almost two decades gives us comprehensive knowledge of he product which gives our team intricate knowledge about how it can be optimized and customized to cater to your needs. This gives you a head start to save time in implementation and integration.

Ease to Work

Our Service models are designed to make sure your we are flexible to your needs and at the same time ensure we deliver and meet all your expectation. Our teams are aligned with your processes and always keeps the client first.