Cloud Computing

About Cloud Computing

NGenious Solutions enables businesses to unlock potential of the cloud and optimally utilize their cloud computing capabilities such as intelligence, analytics, servers, storage, databases, software, and networking.

Building agile, scalable, and reliable cloud-based solutions

Migrating to the cloud is vital to any business across industry, companies wanting to scale, and drive agility and collaboration require solid groundwork for their cloud adoption to get the best possible results.

NGenious with its cloud-first strategy ensures businesses are ready to deliver business acceleration, customer experience, and insights. Our cloud experts help build our discerning Clients a bespoke risk-mitigated cloud strategy with the best-suited deployment model for your business. We create a seamless journey that’s secure and transforms your in-house IT into a state-of-the-art cloud-enabled enterprise environment.

Our team has successfully enabled businesses to be cloud-ready and helped them achieve cloud transformation at speed and scale across industries. This has helped customers benefit from the best architecture, infrastructure, performance, and security without any disruptions in business activities. With our approach and partner, the ecosystem has aided businesses to extract the true potential of what clout has to offer from our advisory, development, and architecture services.

Why Cloud Services?


Ensure your business continuity with no legacy infrastructure costs and delivering seamless experience to your customers with pay per use technology solutions


Migrate to the cloud with power of agility, on demand scalability, better availability, and hassle-free portability for business growth and sustainability.


Shield your business from the eminent data loss and security threats with state-of-the-art security measures tailored for your business needs.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Advisory

Custom strategy with detailed cost-benefit analysis and a roadmap for enterprise-wide cloud adoption, migration, and modernization plans.

Cloud Application Development

Making you future ready by building, deploying, executing, managing, and securing all your enterprise applications and data on the cloud.

Cloud Architecture Services

Assessing your cloud positioning to recommend the best suited platforms and application architectures for your business needs.

Cloud Migration

Ensuring business continuity and high performance as benchmarks to deliver services with zero impact on everyday business activities.

Cloud Managed Services

Focusing your time on strategic high-value Functions while we take care of the support and maintenance.

Our Cloud Service Capabilities


Utilizing cloud services and resources, like infrastructure, software, hardware, virtual machines, storage, and security which are controlled and operated by major cloud service providers.


Using a cloud computing model which offers a proprietary environment dedicated to your business safeguarding a higher level of control.


Availing benefits of both private and public cloud computing by enjoying greater flexibility in moving workloads between cloud solutions based on needs and cost fluctuations.


Making use of two or more cloud computing services from any number of different cloud vendors and making a single heterogeneous architecture.

Our Cloud Tool Expertise
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