SharePoint InfoPath Forms Services

SharePoint InfoPath Overview

Microsoft InfoPath is a form designing solution. InfoPath when combined with SharePoint, provides robust solutions for Business Information Capture, Data input, Business Process Automation (BPA) and Business Process Optimization. It is great for businesses looking to build forms as it supports basic calculations, external data sources, conditional formatting, and custom code. One can use the InfoPath Forms Services server technology to create browser-based forms. Below mentioned are certain features of InfoPath forms:


Reusable Data

The data collected via InfoPath forms can be integrated into the existing business processes as the data stored in an InfoPath form can be easily reformatted or reused in a variety of ways.


Using InfoPath forms, you can collect data from all your stakeholders, i.e., customers, partners, suppliers, and others who are vital to your business by sharing forms on external websites.

Centralized Repository

InfoPath forms are stored in a centralized repository on a server running InfoPath Forms Services. This makes it easy to find, share, and manage forms and form templates.

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