Business Intelligence Consulting Service

A business intelligence system allows managers to make decisions using real time data by monitoring competition, carrying out constant analysis of numerous data and considering different variants of organization performance. As Fig.1 shows, data is extracted from operational databases, customer databases and from data collected pertaining to the competition.

At the strategic level, decisions set objectives and push the decision direction to the tactical level of the organization. Information is mined at the tactical level from the business intelligence system to develop tactics to realize the strategic objectives and, in-turn, will push a decision down to the operational level of the organization. Fig.1 shows how data and decisions flow in an organization:

The business intelligence system extracts this data from these various data sources, transforms it into specified formats, and then loads the newly formatted data into specially designated data warehouses that are available to all three levels of decision making within the organization: operational, strategic and tactical.

Each level of the organization will utilize different OLAP techniques and data mining process to analyze data and report information that is most relevant to them. The information received from the business intelligence system will be used in all decision-making processes.

Different organizations will require a more or less robust solution based on their needs. A thorough understanding of an organization's needs will enable an effective use of a business intelligence system. Besides harnessing the four key components of a business intelligence system i.e. data warehouses, ETL tools, OLAP techniques and data mining, business intelligence systems will vary based on many factors like:
  • Number of diverse data types within an operational database.
  • Diversity among the systems within an organization.
  • Maturity of analysis capabilities.
  • Personnel/knowledge workers.

With our business intelligence consulting service and Office 365 SharePoint Online service our clients can be assured of best service and guidance for:
  • Building an effective report center consolidating all the organization's reports.
  • Assembling data from multiple sources.
  • Using Excel services to Publish Excel workbooks on the intranet or Web.
  • Connecting all the required external data sources.
  • Creating KPI's using KPI Web Parts.
  • Creating subsets of data Using Filter web parts.

Developing useful dashboards for strategic decision makers to communicate status and drive action.
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