Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 For Business: A Practical Guide

Microsoft created Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, to help businesses protect themselves from cybersecurity threats. Businesses can protect data across all devices thanks to enhanced security capabilities. Microsoft 365 is specifically designed for SMBs (small to medium businesses) and is aware of the difficulties they encounter in an ever-changing environment. With the Microsoft

Corona Virus and its Impact on the IT market

The Novel Coronavirus has now been documented in more than 100 countries and territories. The ongoing spread of the new coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and information technology markets. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to develop, now is the time for the Technology Industry to consider response actions

Clifton Coffee Roasters Connects with Microsoft 365 for Digital Transformation

Clifton Coffee Roasters is at the forefront of the United Kingdom’s booming coffee industry. It provides high-quality coffee, machinery, service, and training to coffee shops and has recently undergone digitization to help it compete successfully with larger companies. As Clifton Coffee Roasters’ business grew, so did the company leaders’ ambitions. The company replaced a range

About Think Up Consulting Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Think Up is a fast-growing consulting firm based in Greenville, South Carolina. With specialties such as brand strategy, change management, and strategic consulting, it helps global brands to make deep, lasting connections with their customers. Always looking to work smarter, they chose Microsoft 365 to streamline its internal collaboration processes and dramatically reduce the number