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Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365

End-to-end tour of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Learn how ATP helps catch threats before they disrupt your organization, keeping your data, intellectual property and users safe from email phishing attacks and zero-day malware. With a changing user base and an ever-shifting threat landscape, our higher education institutions are particularly

Bulk delete SharePoint List items using CSOM

SharePoint CSOM enables us to delete bulk list items using browser console. Scenario-1:  We have a list of records to be deleted from a SharePoint list and we do not want to delete record one by one. Scenario-2:  We want to delete the list and list already had cross the threshold limit and not allowing

SharePoint SPSiteDataQuery

SPSiteDataQuery is used to Query multiple lists or to read data from all the lists in a site collection. Get Combined result Below is the example to query multiple list data sources and get combined information in data

To set custom sub site icon in a custom master page.

I.e. For Sub Site – A: . For Sub Site – B: Below is the approach followed from me: Added below entry in master page but it was always resulting in wrong URL (404 URL not found) and referring to Site Collection URL (It was needed to refer sub site URL) <asp:Image runat=”server” id=”idMainSubSiteImageLink” CssClass=”subSiteIconData”

Responsive GridView for Mobile Phone, Tablet and Desktop display in ASP.Net

In order to make the GridView responsive,You can use Footable jQuery plugin which is compatible with Bootstrap design. To use Footable jQuery include the following code inside the form tag- <link href=”https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery-footable/0.1.0/css/footable.min.css”         rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />     <script type=”text/javascript”

JavaScript To Split The Words or Concatenated Word

<html> <body> First Word:-Hello<br/> Second Word:-world!<br/> <button onclick=”myFunction()”>Click To Split</button><br/> <pre>Concatenation:-<p id=”orgi”></p><br/> First Word:<p id=”demo”></p> Second Word:<p id=”demo1″></p> <script> function myFunction() { var str1 = “Hello”; var str2 = “world!”; var res =