Top Strategic and Tech Consulting Trends for 2023

To stay ahead of the curve and to be at the forefront of the latest business and tech trends, you must know what’s coming ahead. Read this blog to know all about the Top Strategic and Tech Consulting Trends for 2023.

Ever since the pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, businesses all over the globe have reformed themselves. May it be in their ways of working, processes, or developments – and this is only set to increase in 2023.

In the upcoming year, businesses might have to deal with the relentless upheaval brought by the Russia-Ukraine war, economic challenges, and faster development demanded by the dynamically changing market.

However, if we had to guess the top technology consulting trends, we’d place our stakes on automation, intelligence, and metaverse. As these are the most in-demand technology consulting trends of the future, we believe that these are only going to catalyze in the coming months.

While the future is still uncertain, the need for strategic planning is always on the cards. “Every technology investment will need to be set off against its impact on the environment, keeping future generations in mind. ‘Sustainable by default’ as an objective requires sustainable technology,” says David Groombridge, VP Analyst at Gartner.

Before devising the right strategy for your business for the upcoming year, you must know the top strategy consulting trends of 2023. This will help you to know what is coming and you’ll be better placed to make business-friendly decisions.

So, let’s get started.

Tech Trends That Will Rule in 2023

To know whether these tech trends will affect your business, start tracing down the objectives of your enterprise. If your business objective matches the tech trends at any level, then you should know about the technology consulting trends, what they mean, and what are their benefits. Here are some of the most anticipated trends that will be seen on an exponential scale in the next year.

1. Boosted Digital Transformation

The reformational technologies that have already taken over the major business-like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, blockchain, and extremely fast network protocols like 5G are anticipated to catalyze their intervention into the core areas by 2023. As individually existing as they are now, they will be blended and interwoven as all these technologies work better when they are backed by each other.

These technologies will be used in generating new solutions for enhanced working, strategic decision-making, and automation of manual and repetitive jobs. The intelligent amalgamation of these technologies will take us one step closer to being able to develop intelligent enterprises where systems and processes work together to effectively carry out routine and time-consuming activities.

2. Increased IT Observability

When any user takes an action, the observable data records the digitized artifacts like logs, traces, API calls, downloads, and file transfers. To learn from the actions and speed up the decision-making process, applied observability feeds these objects back in a highly organized manner.

Using applied observability, businesses can use their data artifacts to gain a competitive advantage. This approach is proven effective because it emphasizes the strategic value of having the appropriate information at the appropriate moment to take swift action based on verified stakeholder actions, rather than intentions. The most effective tool for making data-driven decisions is applied observability when it is carefully planned and implemented.

3. Sustainable Future

The awareness regarding climate change and rising global temperatures are pushing businesses towards sustainable growth.

In other words, investors and customers favor businesses with the right environmental and climate conscious decision making. Those of us who consider aspects like ecological impact and sustainability when deciding who to buy from or do business with — are driving purchasing trends increasingly.

Every organization needs a plan with specific objectives and timelines for minimizing any negative effects, and the plan must be supported by reliable action plans. Social and environmental processes need to be put to the forefront of businesses’ strategies. Increasing Openness, reporting, and accountability should be a priority, followed by measuring the effect that the company has on society and the environment.

4. Industry-Specific Cloud Platforms

Industry-specific sets of modular capabilities are provided by industry-specific cloud platforms, which combine PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS to meet certain industry business use cases. Enterprises can create distinctive and differentiating digital business initiatives by using the packaged capabilities of industrial cloud platforms as building blocks. These efforts will offer agility, innovation, and a shorter time to market while avoiding lock-in.

More than 50% of businesses would use industry cloud platforms to speed up their business activities by 2027, according to Gartner’s forecast.

5. Stepping Into the Metaverse

It is a new buzz topic that is creating a huddle in digital space. Every business and every individual is trying to fully comprehend the concept.

A metaverse, according to Gartner, is a communal virtual 3D shared space produced by the fusion of improved physical reality and digital reality. A persistent metaverse offers increased immersive experiences. According to Gartner, the entire metaverse won’t be controlled by any one company and will be independent of devices. It will be able to support a virtual economy of its own thanks to digital money and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to Gartner, by 2027, more than 40% of major corporations would be using Web3, AR cloud, and digital twins in metaverse-based initiatives targeted at boosting income.

6. Immersive Customer Experience

In the past, technology’s function in this area has been to simplify procedures and make life easier for customers. This will take place in the “metaverse,” a sort of catch-all word used by futurists to describe the “next level” of the internet where we engage with companies and other users through immersive technologies, such as 3D settings and VR. Consider online stores where we may explore and virtually “try on” different outfits, jewelry, and accessories.

Experience is becoming such a strong trend that companies like Adobe and Adweek are hiring chief experience officers (CXO) to make sure it becomes a core component of company strategy. Businesses increasingly need to consider employee experience in addition to customer experience as competition for the most brilliant and qualified personnel heats up.

7. AI Trust & Security

Many businesses are ill-equipped to handle the hazards associated with AI. According to a Gartner survey conducted in the US, UK, and Germany, 41% of businesses had suffered a security or privacy incident involving AI. But according to the same poll, businesses with proactive risk, privacy, and security management of AI projects had better outcomes. Compared to AI projects in businesses that did not actively manage these processes, more of their AI initiatives went from proof-of-concept to production and produced more business value.

In order to guarantee model dependability, trustworthiness, security and data protection, organizations must incorporate new capabilities. To apply new measures, participants from various business units must collaborate in AI trust, risk, and security management (TRiSM).

How Can You Up Your IT Game in 2023?

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