5 Ways to Revamp Your Business With Amazon Web Services

AWS cloud enables organizations to tap their true potential these are the ways you can effectively ensure the infrastructure is performing and delivering.

1. Simplifies Business Processes
2. Outstanding Support and Maintenance
3. Data Migration and Application Hosting Simplified
4. Auto-scaling
5. Leave Your Infrastructure Costs Behind

Want to know about each benefit in detail? Let’s first understand the meaning of AWS cloud and AWS partner program. Once you will understand that you will be able to get clarity on different ways AWS can revamp your business.

What is AWS Cloud?

AWS or Amazon Web Services provides a wide range of advantages to businesses looking to scale and diversify their operational capacity. According to Amazon, AWS offers a diverse set of international computing, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that aid enterprises in moving quickly, spending less on IT, and scaling applications.

About AWS Partner Program

AWS provides a wide range of initiatives to assist you in innovating, expanding, and differentiating your solutions whether you are just starting to create or expand your AWS-based business.

You can receive access to differentiation programs, go-to-market resources, finance advantages, and more when you validate your solutions with AWS and pay the $2500 yearly APN charge in order to acquire customer awareness and expand your business.

Different Types of AWS Partner Programs

Below are the ways the AWS program can help your business.

AWS SaaS Factory Program

Any stage of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) journey can be assisted by the AWS SaaS Factory Program for AWS Partners. The AWS SaaS Factory Program can be useful if you’re wanting to optimize SaaS solutions on AWS, migrate current apps, or create new products.

AWS Partner Transformation Program

The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is a thorough assessment, and support program designed to assist you in creating an AWS Cloud business. This program offers partners the direction to accelerate the growth of their AWS skills and experience to better support their customers’ journey to the cloud, whether they are new to the cloud or in the advanced phases of creating their cloud business.

AWS Well-architectured Partner Program

The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program aids businesses in developing effective architectural practices, quickly adapting to changes, and reducing risks that impact workloads, applications, and designs. AWS Well-Architected Partners develop the skills necessary to build high-quality solutions, put best practices into effect, monitor workload health, as well as make adjustments to meet client and business requirements.

Services provided by AWS

Amazon offers a wide range of services for cloud applications. Here are a handful of the essential AWS ecosystem services.


Amazon offers the following services:
1. Compute service: AWS EC2 & AWS Lambda
2. Storage: Amazon S3 & Amazon EBS
3. Database: DynamoDB & RDS
4. Networking and delivery of content: VPC & Route 53
5. Security tools: IAM & KMS
6. Developer tools: CodeStar & Code Build
7. Management tools: Cloud Watch & Cloud Formation

How can Amazon Web Services revamp your business?

AWS is one of the finest solutions for SMEs to increase their business scalability. It provides a wide range of services and is highly configurable. One of its significant benefits is its capacity to scale on demand.

Let’s take a quick look at how AWS can enhance your company’s profitability.

1. Simplifies business processes

SMEs should consider migrating the majority of their operational tasks to the cloud. AWS offers you high-quality document sharing and desktop visualization capabilities that make it simple and smooth to simplify your company operations in the cloud. The service facilitates remote working by enabling you or your team members to access data, documents, or apps anytime and from any location.

2. Outstanding Support and Maintenance

Small businesses are hesitant to migrate to the cloud due to a lack of technical expertise for service management and maintenance, and AWS handles this exceptionally well. All technical support and service maintenance that you could need when using the AWS cloud is offered by almost all AWS providers.

They take care of all technical matters and adapt the service to your business setting.

3. Data migration and application hosting simplified

The deployment and management processes become relatively simple if you host your application in the AWS cloud. It effectively supports app scalability, app load balancing, and app monitoring.

One doesn’t need to invest much on in-house relocating servers, data, and applications. AWS providers can save you the hassle of time-consuming and expensive data migration.

4. Auto-scaling

AWS auto-scaling allows you to maintain optimal application performance and availability even when workloads are erratic, dynamic, or periodic. It evaluates your apps to ensure they perform to your set standards. You only pay for the resources you really use using AWS auto-scaling, which can help you enhance cost and consumption efficiencies while using AWS services. It also helps you set up scalability rapidly and makes smart scaling decisions.

5. Leave your infrastructure costs behind

You can avoid the burden of high IT infrastructure costs by using AWS cloud services. If you handle your data and apps yourself, you can be forced to invest in costly IT equipment.

AWS is helpful in this situation since you just have to pay for the services you use or wish to utilize. Additionally, it reduces or eliminates the costs associated with hardware and infrastructure, which enables you to put that money into your primary business activities.

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Final thoughts

Migrating to the cloud or adopting it would be hassle-free and would not give you the headache to lose data or application downtime. Whether your organization is large or small, AWS can aid all your needs to have seamless collaboration, configuration, and management all at a price that would significantly lower costs and turnaround time.

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