Reasons Why You Should Be a Part of Yammer Enterprise Social Network

Build A More Connected and Engaged Network for Your Enterprise with Yammer Social

Understanding the value of Yammer and why it can help your business grow?

Yammer is the fastest growing private social network, working its way into enterprises for better collaboration, faster decision, and team building. Implementing of Yammer brings people together, integrating conversation, content, and data in a particular location.

It allows easy connection and collaboration among the coworkers on any known device from anywhere, anytime. It is flexible and is easily accessible across all web browsers, mobile devices and can be seamlessly implemented on Office 365 suite or SharePoint. Yammer is all about, binding and engaging your employees together, into a single social world connected with all your business applications. Even if you are planning business, as a social network, Yammer can help your social business grow optimally.

Create A Virtual Work Station with Yammer

With Yammer, a virtual workstation can be created for your work groups to participate for anyone in your organization from any place in the world.

It brings together all your globally widespread or international organizations on a single platform of collaboration. The Yammer workplace is updated, flexible and an easily centralized hub for information, data, and file sharing compared to other forms of business communication. The search feature in Yammer is set up for easy finding of files and data. It can never be manipulated to deliver personalized search results, for previous company interactions.The feature of Discovery feed, allows employees to stay updated with frequent company updates and announcements.

Yammer and Office 365 Collaboration

Yammer is rightly defined as the mobile-first, cloud first enterprise solution by Microsoft. It allows multiple teams to come along and bond across a single platform covering distances. It is the epitome of team collaboration where one can organize meetings, appointments, plan tasks and chat sessions. It secures your shared business data and documents, enables video conferencing without interruptions, thus building a virtual hub for all to collaborate.

The Power of Yammer and SharePoint

With Yammer being added to the SharePoint environment, every group member now has a common and open platform to share, connect and communicate. SharePoint through Yammer has a better rate of employee engagement. It enables a seamless process of document sharing across entire SharePoint platform. You can also add Yammer feed within a SharePoint site along with Yammer embed. The Yammer embed enriches SharePoint communication experience with a conversational layer. It results in contextually relevant discussions and enhances the virality of the content.

Not Just Internal, But Yammer is Also for External Communication

If your business is widespread and communication is an indispensable tool, then Yammer can be just the right thing for you. Vendors to partners, clients to consumers all can be added to into a single group. Unite your workers together whether at home or on the go, build a better world of collaboration through internal and external communication.

Securing your Administration with Yammer for Business

Yammer with Microsoft’s support has come with great security measures that can be customized. It allows easy management of passwords by administrators and easy restrictions of IPs when required. It enables an enterprise to centrally manage data with security, auto upgrades, scalability and easy onboarding.

If You are Planning for Official Yammer Integration

Trained Yammer consultants can guide you through the process of integration if you are planning for Yammer as a new viable option for collaboration and communication. In the initial process, they try to assess and evaluate your business communication requirements, where you are exactly stuck and how Yammer can act as a savior.

Coming to the deployment part, Yammer integration is quite simple and easy to execute. It does not interfere with your existing business communication process. It can be tailored for the enterprise based social network services, to sync perfectly with your running business processes, for better productivity and efficiency.