How Migrating to SharePoint Online Can Help Your Organization

Microsoft has been revolutionizing how businesses operate for the past 30+ years. In the beginning, we had the Office Suite that transformed the entire documentation and record-maintaining process. And if digitizing paperwork was not enough to blow one’s mind, the tech giant introduced the Enterprise Collaboration Solution called SharePoint which revolutionized how we saw digital collaboration. SharePoint Online made document management, virtual, secure, accessible, centralized, and highly collaborative. 

Microsoft has been unlocking various functionalities to boost enterprise productivity. Defining cloud technologies and setting benchmarks. SharePoint is an integral part of Office 365 – a cloud-based service that sets up a digital workplace. 

Just what you need in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic!

If you are still on the fence as to whether SharePoint Online will benefit your business, here are some factors worth considering:

Hybrid Environment

One of the greatest advantages of SharePoint Online is the integration of the cloud with on-premise/legacy technologies. Hence, you can store confidential and critical data on-premise and deploy all the collaborative material on the cloud. As such, you are not stuck in an either-or situation and can draw benefits from both!

Improved Access Control

Granting and managing external user access on-premise can be rather challenging. To address such issues, SharePoint Online offers an intuitive Services Management Portal to grant granular control over external user access to files/folders/information. Now your data is available only to the intended receiver.

Better OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online offers more benefits with information sharing over OneDrive for Business. Employees can use this platform to create, save, and share documents with internal and external users. Further, SharePoint Online grants access to added features, such as Content and Knowledge Management, Process Automation with PowerApps and, Power Automate, Business Intelligence with Power BI, and Microsoft Graph for a rich set of APIs. As such, it paves the way for greater collaboration and secure sharing of documents.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The maintenance of servers and data-centers is hectic and uneconomical. With SharePoint Online, you can enjoy a wide range of services without worrying about the upkeep and maintenance of the on-premise infrastructure. Let the loud experts handle the rest!

Greater Mobility

As we stand at the brink of the mobile-future era, the mobile-friendly SharePoint Online will allow your organization to stay a notch ahead of the competition. Your employees can always stay connected and access documents, and applications, even when they are on the move!

All of this combined will lead to:

  • Better collaboration & communication
  • Higher productivity
  • Automated business  processes
  • Higher security
  • A future-ready workplace & more.


While Office 365 may sound like the whole package, Microsoft is still working hard to roll out new features and functionalities periodically. Plus, Office 365 with SharePoint Online provides constant upgrades, updates, and fixes, at no additional cost!

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