Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: What Can It Do For Your Organization?

Everything about this solution ups our game: the intelligence, the efficiencies, the scalability, the collaborative tools… they all work so well together.

— Tommy Næs Djurhuus, CEO and Founder, Alpha Travel

Before we talk about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s amazing capabilities can digitally transform your business, let’s peek into its history. One of the most interesting parts of the history of Business Central is the codename that its predecessors were given.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is based on the codebase for Microsoft Dynamics NAV which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002. Later in 2016, Microsoft rebranded its ERP and CRM solutions and released it as an online-only suite called Dynamics 365. A part of this suite was a successor of NAV, which had the codename “Madeira”. Then in 2017, a new codename was given to this product called “Tenerife” and it was released as “Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Business Edition”. Finally, in 2019, the old “Madeira” and “Tenerife” took voluntary retirement (haha, not really) and gave way to Business Central as we know it!

Now let’s move on to see what it can do for your organization.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Can Do For Your Organization

1. Adapt, grow, and work remotely:

Work on the go with software that can be tailored to your needs.

You can get full capabilities on any device, anywhere be it on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. It works on-premises or in the cloud, across all platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS devices! It is also based on the latest technologies like IoT, mixed reality, and machine learning. This means you get a full-power solution that aligns with the new remote working environment.

2. Encrypt, extend, and evolve:

More security, higher flexibility, improved efficiency.

Business Central ensures your data is encrypted all the time, across systems. You can also extend the functionalities of this solution to other business apps by using extensions from Microsoft App Source. What’s more? You can also connect data from different apps that you use.

3. Automate and get intelligent:

The power of data and automation.

Tap into business intelligence with real-time dashboards that contain data to facilitate actionable insights and optimize your business processes. Business Central also allows you to automate these business processes and workflows with the help of AI.

4. Improve customer experiences:

Leads, sales, services, and everything you need.

Business Central allows you to prioritize leads based on the revenue potential and create flexible pricing for customer groups. It facilitates your organization to deliver better customer service and track repairs. Business Central lets your sales and service teams work seamlessly with all the shipped product data in one place for easy access.

5. Manage and optimize better:

Leave no loose ends.

Whether it is about optimizing your supply chain or managing your warehouse inventory with stock replenishment prediction, Business Central has got you covered. With automated workflows, project insights, project costing, and accounting functionality, all your projects will be a success.

Get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central NOW! This article is only an introduction to what it can do for your business.

  • Get support in 25 different languages.
  • Tailor the software without coding knowledge.
  • Manage every business process from A to Z in one place, for better collaboration and productivity.
  • Drive profitability with actionable insights.
    And a lot more.

Use Business Central for your organization. The experts at NGenious Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Partner, can help you get started in no time! Contact us now!


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