Making shift from Web to Mobile Development

MOBILE APPS are the latest tool to reach customer faster and gain that extra mileage against competitors. The reason behind this change from web to mobile apps is the alarming rise in the usage of mobile users.

Constant development in mobile smartphones, the plethora of mobile apps from different app stores and simultaneously rise in the speed of internet have resulted in the change in the paradigm of online shopping from desktop to mobile. Time management is a significant factor, and mobile device playing a crucial role to manage time, it was obvious of this shift from web to mobile apps development.

The recent survey indicates more than 90% rise in 2014 in mobile data traffic from smartphones with a prediction often times increment by 2019. Mobile friendly business is the “future”. Mobile application development services will be a lucrative career for developers.

Developers have been developing for the web for nearly two decades and to make a mental shift is crucial. Developing for mobile is a delicate and complex task. It is not just learning the new language but it requires a different mental approach to create apps.

Mobile application development services are different from developing websites because there are constraints like navigation structure as navigation is different for Android and iOS. It is very essential to understand the user’s parameters of each target platforms, know the platform and navigation setup, i.e. which platform is using which particular navigation. One should also be aware of navigation structure from local SDK.

Though websites designed remain same across multiple browsers it is not the case with mobile apps as each mobile platform has unique features. Mobile application development services developers need to take into account these features and then design the mobile apps accordingly. Mobile application development services provide developers with a great deal of information about users than the web. Mobile apps have the capability to provide the ultimate user experience.

Ngenious Solutions is specialized in mobile application development services using Sharepoint mobile application. It develops applications across major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows 8 with SharePoint mobile application.

Ngenious Solutions’ forte is the understanding the customer’s viewpoint and its goal which has helped them to provide superior mobile apps for their clients. Mobile Application development services of NGenious using SharePoint Mobile application has always provided time-bound delivery of mobile apps.

Ngenious Solutions ensures that its efforts result in profitability in client’s business through a new and trendy path of mobile apps.