Introducing Intranet Portal Solution of Modern Age

Having served our global clients as IT consultants for many years, we understand how tough it is for an IT Head to choose from a pool of solutions, available in the market. Designing, developing and managing intranet portals are not only costly but also extremely time-consuming. Besides, it also requires time and money for maintenance of the portal and its infrastructure. Whether you are leading an old-school SharePoint enterprise speculating an upgrade or a novice, planning a new SharePoint portal development or a cloud technology lover, the common challenges while adapting to an intranet portal remain the same.

To counter these issues, we came up with a comprehensive concept of a ready to use the portal solution on SaaS basis, which can be made available on both Cloud Platform (SharePoint online) and On-Premise. In other words, we have launched an intranet portal solution of this current modern age at quite a minimal and affordable cost.

This article is an insight on how a ready to use 365Appz-SharePoint Accelerator Kit, can come to your rescue, with perfect deliverables for your business.   

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Every purchase that you make needs to provide a quick and meaningful return. For the past, few months we have put in our hard work, time and money to build an essential solution that would save your cost of licensing, development and design to a fraction. It is ready to use a globally accepted product that requires zero coding and no resource. It is reasonably priced, with multiple reusable components that come with a package of more than 19 different apps.

  1. Multiple Themes

The kit comes with an option of three custom themes, multiple layouts, and colors which are completely customizable and responsive. You will fall for its wide array of fresh designs, colors, and themes that can be customized to get a new look and feel any time.

  1. Responsive Designing

A key concept is the built, of a handy responsive UI designing tool which could be commonly used for browsers across all devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops. It is aimed to provide the users with an optimal viewing experience in terms of reading, navigation with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling.

  1. Enhanced and Customized Multiple Page Layout Editor

Users find it easy when given a provision to customize the interface, add elements and access other layouts. It allows easy adding of multiple page layouts or detailing of individual pages. You can fine-tune all of it with just a few clicks, enhancing a different look for every page.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability

Unlike many, the 365Appz comes with flexibility to adapt to both the versions of SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office365. It allows easy management of reusable components, adaptable workflow and easy integration both for intranet and the internet.

  1. User Friendliness and Convenience

Adding, editing, deleting and reordering the pages in your website have never been this easy before with it’s do it yourself feature. It can be easily installed and configured and you do not need to consult a developer or know coding.

  1. Information Integrity

It comes with the OOTB content approval process and is deployed to secure and maintain information integrity of the site in all its forms. It is enabled with major and minor versioning of content data, displaying the status of Pending, Approved or Rejected.

If you are currently encountering challenges adapting to or reconsidering the benefits of upgrading to SharePoint online intranet or to an on-premise intranet portal, then 365Appz-SharePoint Accelerator Kit might befit all your needs.

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