How ServiceNow Can Help Your Organization Manage Change More Effectively

Implementing changes to a company is a routine activity. However, several businesses struggle with effectively managing and implementing such changes and their outcomes. This is why chain management software is a boon for enterprises looking to improve the way they handle changes across all levels.   In this article, we will investigate the ServiceNow ITSM platform’s change management tools and how they can immensely benefit your business. 

What is Change Management? 

Change Management is an IT service management process designed to help companies implement any form of transformation or transition to their technologies, processes, or goals, with minimal drawbacks.   In ServiceNow, change management is done through a systematic approach wherein all the changes to be implemented are controlled in an automated manner that can be tracked or managed through the software tools provided by ServiceNow.   With ServiceNow, you will be able to automatically keep note of the type of preparation you need to implement the change, how the change can impact different stakeholders or departments, the importance of the change, the initiator of the change, and so on. Hence, ServiceNow can help manage change more effectively without the usual hassle and a very limited ServiceNow implementation cost.

So, reach out to a ServiceNow consultant as soon as possible

Types of Changes Offered by ServiceNow  

Essentially, ServiceNow lets its clients request three types of changes. Based on the type of change requested, the change initiatives are carried out by the platform.

1. Normal: Normal changes follow the whole change life cycle and should be approved by two levels since this type of change has a considerable effect on the existing business processes and workflow.

2. Standard: This type of change request is low risk and hence, pre-authorized. The system can implement this frequently and does not require separate approvals.

3. Emergency: In case of emergency changes, execution of change gains more importance over authorization. Hence, the system creates the change record after the change has been implemented successfully.

Features and Benefits of ServiceNow Change Management  

The features that come associated with ServiceNow’s change management tools benefit companies in several essential ways. Continue reading these benefits before you reach out to your ServiceNow implementation partner:  

  • Better Compliance: ServiceNow helps organisations remain compliant with their regulations and policies while implementing any change. Hence, companies can avoid penalties and maintain their accountability. Furthermore, the software also maintains audits of all changes, real-time notifications about the implementation of any change to key stakeholders, and so on.  
  • Improved Risk Management: The ServiceNow change management software comes with its own risk assessment tool that helps businesses identify and evaluate risks involved with their potential changes. Therefore, this helps enterprises better understand the implications of their plans and how to handle the outcome of any proposed change.  
  • Enhanced Visibility: ServiceNow has a transparent and systematic approach to maintaining records of changes that are visible to all key stakeholders with the proper time, date, and other information. Hence, this allows for not just enhanced visibility but also better management of change.  
  • Automation: This software tool comes with AI and the power to automate key processes. For instance, ServiceNow uses workflow to automate change request processes. Additionally, it automatically documents and reviews all change requests properly, thereby creating a valuable information trail.  
  • Better Communication: Ultimately, the ServiceNow ITSM platform allows companies to improve their communication and collaboration regarding change management with notifications, task assignments, and shared workspaces. ServiceNow helps sideline communication gaps and flawed workflow.   

While change management is often a daunting task, no enterprise can keep up without implementing timely and effective changes. Hence, the ServiceNow change management software is a great fit for any enterprise that wants to improve how it handles changes and mitigate the potential risks associated with any change. Therefore, you should begin your ServiceNow implementation to improve the overall health of your company.

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