How ServiceNow Can Help Streamline Your HRSD Processes?

The efficiency of any organization depends on its employees. However, employee onboarding and management can prove to be quite a challenge for small as well as big businesses. Some of the challenges associated with employee management are handling large volumes of paperwork, coordination between multiple departments, maintaining extensive data sheets, resolving employee queries, and so on.  

Therefore, companies must think of a solution that can improve their HR services and streamlines their overall workflow. Such a solution would be the ServiceNow HRSD.  In this article, you will read all about the benefits of ServiceNow HRSD and why you should reach out to a ServiceNow implementation partner at the earliest. 


What is ServiceNow HRSD? 

ServiceNow is a digital platform that provides management solutions for a company’s operations and services, including services like the ServiceNow ITSM platform and ServiceNow HRSD.

HRSD or Human Resource Service Development is a module of this ServiceNow that helps organize, digitize, and streamline a wide range of HR services on a single portal. ServiceNow HRSD can easily be integrated with any existing HR technology and unifies the various departments directly or indirectly related to the human resources department.   Essentially, the ServiceNow HRSD is made for three groups of people: Employees, HR staff, and contingent workers. With features like automation, an easy-to-use interface, document management, and so on, ServiceNow HRSD makes everyone’s lives a lot easier.

Therefore, you should reach out to a ServiceNow implementation partner.

Features and Benefits of ServiceNow HRSD 

ServiceNow helps streamline a company’s workflow through a variety of advanced features. A quick list of such features and their benefits are given below: 

  • Automation: The most prominent benefit of ServiceNow is its automation. For instance, when a new employee must be inducted into your company, you can simply add all their details into the ServiceNow HRSD to create a profile, and then ServiceNow will automatically start the onboarding process by sending a list of tasks to the various departments that need to be done to complete onboarding of the said employee. Hence, with automated onboarding, companies save a lot of time and resources.   displays any specific employee’s ROI. The said employee can also access this dashboard to track any jobs or tasks assigned to them.
  • Improved Employee Record Management: ServiceNow can manage and store huge amounts of employee documents related to employee benefits, payroll, internal system accessibility, and much more. Furthermore, the system also provides the advantage of placing legal holds on certain documents and fixing retention periods for different types of documents.
  • Transparency: ServiceNow HRSD provides both employees and employers with end-to-end visibility. Therefore, employers can view a dedicated dashboard that displays any specific employee’s ROI. The said employee can also access this dashboard to track any jobs or tasks assigned to them.
  • HR Service:  The ServiceNow system provides solutions to employees’ queries on its platform. This eliminates the need for employees to visit from one department to the next in hopes of getting their queries answered. 
  • Self-Service Portals: With self-service portals, employees can update their information whenever the need arises. Hence, the HR department does not have to spend its time and resources on such manual tasks and can rather focus on more important objectives.  



In conclusion, employee management is a critical aspect of any enterprise that needs to be done correctly for the entire company to run smoothly. Big organisations with a huge number of employees might truly benefit from ServiceNow HRSD. This software tool is easy to install and can provide the advancement you need in order to streamline HR and, by extension, other processes in your company. Furthermore, the ServiceNow implementation cost is quite nominal, ranging between $30,000 to $70,000 per year. Hence, get in touch with a ServiceNow consultant today.

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