How India Continue Work From Home (WFH) During Emergencies

In recent days, coronavirus cases have continued to balloon in India. It has spread across 190 countries infecting 4.2 lakh people and killing 16,500 so far. In India, as many as 700 COVID-19 cases have been reported so far. Of these, 37 have recovered and 10 have died. The government ordered 1.3 billion Indians to stay at home for 21 days. No one should be leaving their home other than to buy food, medicine or to go for a once-daily walk or run. Many schools and universities have transitioned to online classes. Growing numbers of major events have been canceled or postponed — including campaign rallies also.

Many IT companies, call centers, BPO were not prepared for work-for-home arrangements, according to interviews with more than a dozen employees of several companies. The coronavirus outbreak has, however, made remote working a necessity overnight. In recent weeks, nearly half of India’s information technology employees– estimated at 3 million – have mandated their staff to work from home as social distancing becomes key to contain the spread of the outbreak. Indian information technology companies should start thinking about remote working for future emergencies or adopt a practice that has many benefits, for both employees and employers.

How to collaborate with Office 365 for remote work

Remote work comes with lots of things to consider when designing your schedule, ranging from how you communicate, how you work, to your responsibilities to colleagues and those at home, to where you are geographical.  In this type of emergency, every IT company should establish modern workplace technology infrastructure and necessary devices (e.g. mobile devices and laptops equipped with the full Office 365 suite) for all employees to work and collaborate as effectively as possible when operating remotely. According to Forrester’s, businesses that implement Office 365 are likely to see more than 150% ROI. The adoption of Microsoft Office 365 encouraged for remote work by offering an effective digital collaboration tool. With the use of Microsoft Teams, employees can work collaboratively and seamlessly with their global colleagues, customers, and partners.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for Teams Working Remotely

Business Owners and companies need to figure out how to use technology to stay relevant in a rapidly changing, modern workplace. It’s a full suite of cloud-based applications to help you increase productivity and collaboration within your business. Find the below list of benefits is as follows.

  • Work Anywhere
  • Easy Communication & Collaboration
  • Always Update with Latest Version
  • Advance Security
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility with Mix and Match Plans
  • Save Money

Office 365 adoption can increase productivity, improve user accessibility to documents, file sharing for important communications. It will keep your data safe with inbuilt security features and save your money.

In the emergency, the most productive solution for business owners and employees is to split time between home and the workplace. Remote work (WFH) will enable you to stay connected to all the employees no matter where they are. The concept of working from anywhere at any time is the future state of work.

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