Intranet Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Workplaces are no longer physical spaces occupied by employees. Organizations now are advancing towards ‘Digital Workplaces’ – this allows employees to connect more easily with each other across vast geographic locations, something that allows them to work remotely. ‘Digital Workplaces’ means providing digital access to all information and converting all business process to digital. One of the key components of a Digital Workspace are Intranets. From being mere document sharing sites and bulletin boards, intranets are now becoming portals to find all critical company data, for engaging with colleagues, expressing opinions, giving feedbacks, and much more. Organizations are looking at leveraging Intranets at the core of their Digital Workspace initiative and are expecting intranets to yield a slew of employee engagement benefits. Based on our experience in building Intranets and following many surveys online, we have outlined certain Intranet trends that will pick up pace this year and will amp up the return on investments too. Anytime, Anywhere Access In the 21st century, most of our workforce is made up of the younger generation, which is really technology savvy. Always… Read More

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Introducing Intranet Portal Solution of Modern Age

Having served our global clients as IT consultants for many years, we understand how tough it is for an IT Head to choose from a pool of solutions, available in the market. Designing, developing and managing intranet portals are not only costly but also extremely time-consuming. Besides, it also requires time and money for maintenance of the portal and its infrastructure. Whether you are leading an old-school SharePoint enterprise speculating an upgrade or a novice, planning a new SharePoint portal development or a cloud technology lover, the common challenges while adapting to an intranet portal remain the same. To counter these issues, we came up with a comprehensive concept of a ready to use the portal solution on SaaS basis, which can be made available on both Cloud Platform (SharePoint online) and On-Premise. In other words, we have launched an intranet portal solution of this current modern age at quite a minimal and affordable cost. This article is an insight on how a ready to use 365Appz-SharePoint Accelerator Kit, can come to your rescue, with perfect deliverables for your business.… Read More

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