Azure Leads the Public Choice of Cloud: Survey 2017

In a hard-hitting battle between the big giants, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, the former seems to have garnered the crown of success, astonishing all, as per the latest survey released by the end of March 2017. It was carried out by the UBM Research center and authorized by Sumo Logic, data analytics provider. The research was based on and over 230 IT professionals of companies having more than 500 employees. Research revealed that 80 percent of enterprises are either into cloud solutions or planning to switch. The research figures also provided a surprising fact that many companies are using more than one cloud service. About two-thirds, 66 percent of survey participants admitted to using Azure while 55 percent are into AWS. Google ranked fifth with 20 percent, IBM fourth with 23 percent and Salesforce App ranked third with 28 percent. The survey confirms that amidst all, Azure stands out as the users’ best choice and also of enterprises having more than 10,000 employees. It is to be noted that in all the past surveys AWS has been a… Read More

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