Benefits & Challenges Of Implementing SharePoint: A Report On Collaboration in the US IT industry today

Looking for an enterprise solution that will enable your employees to collaborate & communicate more efficiently? The right tool can help you drive business growth & efficiency but choosing the wrong one may end up draining your time & money. SharePoint is highly regarded as a versatile document management & collaboration system. But is it a good choice or will it cost your organization in the long run? Let us find out. 


SharePoint is both an online & on-premises platform by Microsoft that is leveraged by businesses of all scales & sizes, from large MNCs to emerging SMEs. Reports estimate that as many as 190 million companies worldwide currently use this tool, with several onboarding SharePoint Implementation Partners. Interestingly, 26% of these companies & SharePoint Experts belong to the IT & Software industry. 

In a country like the US where ~75% of workers rate teamwork & collaboration as very important, the benefits & opportunities presented by a platform like SharePoint are massive. However, putting its features into practice can also present significant challenges. However, most of these difficulties can easily be handled by adhering to precise usage of relevant technological tools. We will break down the benefits & challenges of implementing SharePoint so that you can make the right decision! 


SharePoint offers numerous benefits to all its users, which is one of the key reasons why getting SharePoint Implementation Partners and experts onboard has garnered such immense popularity in the business landscape. Here are a few examples of various advantages users can enjoy by implementing SharePoint.


Considering the growing number of cases of cyberattacks and fraudulent activities, data security has become one of the prevalent concerns for every business organization nowadays. SharePoint provides a centralized platform that reduces the risk of information leakage by a significant level. Furthermore, it also provides users with some robust security measures for document access or editing permissions, which makes handling sensitive information much easier.


SharePoint seamlessly integrates with diverse Microsoft products and third-party applications. These also include PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. This enables the creation of a unified and connected digital workplace. Furthermore, SharePoint performs well with almost every web browser, making it an ideal choice for every type of business organization. 

Optimized Content Management 

Finally, another benefit of getting a SharePoint Expert onboard is that it can facilitate better content management. With SharePoint, you can leverage Microsoft Office’s assistance to edit and publish documents and convert the same to multiple formats at a time. Furthermore, SharePoint also allows users to schedule content for publication, thus offering both flexibility and convenience.  


SharePoint is a feature-rich platform that is suitable for every organization of all scales and verticals. Like any other challenging technology, SharePoint comes with its own set of drawbacks. To assist you comprehend various obstacles you can encounter, consider the following examples.  

User Adoption 

Getting users to adopt and embrace SharePoint is one of the most common challenges faced by most organizations. At times, users might be completely unaware or unfamiliar with this platform, resulting in low adoption rates. To tackle the same, it is recommended to obtain help from SharePoint Implementation Partners and provide expert training sessions and support to users.  

Setup & Maintenance 

SharePoint offers some robust features, but you may need to seek the help of a SharePoint Expert to truly avail these benefits. Whether you hire developers in-house or bring on board a SharePoint Implementation Partner, you will need a greater understanding of the setup process, along with constantly updating and maintaining the platform, and reaping great results.

Navigation Difficulties 

Regardless of whether it is an online version or an on-premises version, SharePoint comes with an extensive range of features & integrations. However, with the help of SharePoint Implementation Partners, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes to onboard their employees, documents & processes to SharePoint, allowing them to drive growth & efficiency sooner. 


The first & foremost step before implementing SharePoint is to understand the goals and objectives of your business. You can locate a qualified team of experts to assist you with the implementation process if you have clear organizational objectives.  However, please note that getting onboard SharePoint Experts like NGenious Solutions can make the entire journey of SharePoint implementation or migration seamless, enabling you to drive business efficiency, productivity, collaboration, growth & success. Get in touch with us to begin your journey with SharePoint today! 



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