Decrypting the Evolution of 365Appz-Sharepoint Accelerator Kit

Back in 2001 when Microsoft launched SharePoint, it revolutionized the whole concept of document management and content management. Its release was a solution to many of problems that business houses faced related to the complex tasks of document management. For clients, SharePoint had its own share of struggles from budgeting for high licensing procuring cost, high maintenance cost to well-planned designing and development, which again would require highly technical resources that would take months for completion. This issues easily discouraged few clients from SharePoint adaptation and implementation. Another bang on an idea by Microsoft was to launch SharePoint Online (Office 365) in the year 2011, a great cloud solution, to counter many of the issues associated with its on-premise like high licensing procuring cost, high maintenance cost. Though Office 365 is a great solution to counter issues related to cost, the problem with Office 365 is no different as far as issues related to designing and developing Portals are concerned. Companies are still required to invest in form of expensive technical resources for designing and developing portals on office 365… Read More

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