Airbnb AWS Cloud Services

Role played by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Growth of Airbnb

Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows connecting property owners and travelers to rent unique vacation spaces around the world. The Airbnb community users’ activities are conducted on the company’s Website and through its iPhone and Android applications. The San Francisco-based Airbnb began operation in 2008 and currently has hundreds of employees across the globe supporting property rentals in nearly 25,000 cities in 192 countries. The Challenge A year after Airbnb launched they decided to migrate nearly all of its cloud computing functions to AWS cloud services because of the below mentioned service administration challenges experienced in their existing infrastructure: Small 5-person operations team. Infrastructure Scalability Problem Huge Traffic Load during peak period (Like festivals, Public Holidays, etc.) Why Amazon Web Services Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) – Elastic Load Balancing of Amazon EC2 automatically distributes incoming traffic between multiple Amazon EC2 instances. To support high demand, Airbnb uses 200 instances of Amazon CE2 for its application, memcache, and search servers. Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) – This helps to easily process and analyze 50 Gigabytes of data daily. Amazon… Read More

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You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Cloud Computing

Wondering whether you should move to the cloud? Seeing the endless benefits that cloud offers – it is a no-brainer! There has been an acceleration in the service releases by cloud service providers and also in the adoption rate of cloud by businesses. To top it – cloud computing services are now available at a fraction of cost as they were available earlier. This has given a boost to small businesses who could not afford the complex IT infrastructure, owing to its stupendous costs earlier. The field is thus being leveled for small businesses. Result – there is an impressive list of once small businesses that have disrupted the market using cloud computing. E.g. Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and hundreds of other small companies. Cloud is undoubtedly the future these days. It is changing how we do business – changing the way individuals, businesses, and companies conduct themselves and carry out their activities. From the enormous benefits that cloud offers, here is a list of just a few, but important cloud benefits: 1. Greater Scalability Putting applications in the cloud delivers… Read More

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Overcoming The Fears of Cloud Adoption

Over these years, we have worked on numerous cloud projects and have many-a-times seen hesitation amongst the clients for moving their Data to ‘cloud’ platforms. They are aware of the benefits of adopting cloud technology but are reluctant to make the move because of fear of getting trapped by unforeseen challenges of cloud adoption. There is no definitive list of challenges as cloud adoption challenges come in all shapes, sizes, and nature, based on the organization. But based on our experience and what we hear the most, we have listed down certain common challenges that businesses face while planning to make their move to the cloud. Data security Security miseries remain the biggest hurdle to cloud adoption. Many organizations remain hesitant to migrate due to concerns over security. When a cloud service provider hosts confidential information, it means that the vendor receives a considerable amount of end user’s security and privacy controls. It is critical for the service providers to ensure they understand the end user’s privacy and safety requirements. Users should ensure that their service providers are aware of… Read More

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Drive Smarter and Better Business Decisions with Cloud Based BI Solutions

“Given the human mind and psyche, we all could go to quite a large extent and leave no stone unturned only to get that little edge over our competitors.” Many users still leverage multiple reporting tools at work to capture new data every single day. This involves a lot of work, is time-consuming and may cost more too. A smart BI solution lets you combine all your company data together, to gather profound insights for smarter and wiser business decisions, from a single tool. Every BI solution is meant to synthesize data, support your enterprises with virtual dashboards and other data analytics. With predictive insights and real-time data, your business can easily and quickly respond to all sort of issues and problems, that would have been unknown to you without proper analytics. With all technology insights and analytics which rose over the past few years grabbing the business realms, there has been a sudden hunger to understand customer base and clientele. Hence it is the pressing need of businesses to deploy smart business intelligence solutions within their organization. What are… Read More

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Crystal Gazing into the Future of Office 365 This Year

‘To believe the old penchant of foretellers, only a crystal ball can give a perfect beholding to what tomorrow’s sun would shine upon and what would be left in darkness to rot.’ As we winded up the year 2016 and attempted predictions for the coming year, all eyes were curious to see what 2017 has in store for the tech world. By now your newsfeed and inboxes must have been full of stories of old technologies launching or upgrading to something new to achieve further milestones. Yet, whatever the new technology might come up with, no matter to what direction the new trends might pull, the tide will sweep away all small and big businesses alongside. As we gazed through to the future of technology in the year 2017, we managed to peg and pin a few of them perfectly. Yammer Getting Integrated with Office 365 Groups Starting as a mere microblogging site, today yammering is the most talked about collaboration platform after being integrated with SharePoint services in 2012. It holds the future of Office 365. It is a… Read More

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Introducing Intranet Portal Solution of Modern Age

Having served our global clients as IT consultants for many years, we understand how tough it is for an IT Head to choose from a pool of solutions, available in the market. Designing, developing and managing intranet portals are not only costly but also extremely time-consuming. Besides, it also requires time and money for maintenance of the portal and its infrastructure. Whether you are leading an old-school SharePoint enterprise speculating an upgrade or a novice, planning a new SharePoint portal development or a cloud technology lover, the common challenges while adapting to an intranet portal remain the same. To counter these issues, we came up with a comprehensive concept of a ready to use the portal solution on SaaS basis, which can be made available on both Cloud Platform (SharePoint online) and On-Premise. In other words, we have launched an intranet portal solution of this current modern age at quite a minimal and affordable cost. This article is an insight on how a ready to use 365Appz-SharePoint Accelerator Kit, can come to your rescue, with perfect deliverables for your business.… Read More

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