7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT Needs

Today, nearly every organization across the globe relies on the efficiency of their IT teams for smooth functioning and scaling. However, working on multiple IT tasks and projects at the same time may reduce efficiency and hinder growth in the long run. This is why outsourcing your IT needs offers the best way to an upward trajectory.  

In the face of rapid market changes and competitive pressure, companies are constantly thinking about ways in which they can transform their operations using intelligent and effective processes. Many business owners have found a clever and easy way in outsourcing. In fact, it has become a norm in the global IT industry. According to ISG Research, 92% of the top 2000 global companies use IT outsourcing. The report also found that IT accounts for 72% of all global outsourcing contract values.  

If you are planning to outsource your IT projects and processes, you are on the right track. While these numbers are quite convincing, here are some of the biggest benefits that IT outsourcing can bring to your business: 

1. Cost-efficiency

Building an in-house team is a far more cost-intensive challenge that requires your time, effort, and dedication. When you outsource, you do not have to set up your own technology, infrastructure, and team. The team management, right from hiring to training and maintenance, is all handled by the outsourced partner. Even global giants like WhatsApp, Skype, Opera etc. offshore their IT development needs for cost optimization. 

2. Improved Quality

When you outsource your IT operations, you can significantly enhance the quality of your products and processes. The availability of the right number of capable resources leads to improved workflows and better execution of tasks. Outsourcing has become an essential ingredient for success, with benefits being perceived differently across roles and organizations. A report by Commit noted that while HR leaders saw the top benefit of outsourcing as cost savings (48%), CTOs perceived outsourcing as a key to quick scaling (42%).  

3. Domain Expertise

With a whole team of highly experienced professionals across different domains, bringing in fresh minds can help to drive innovation and result in a better project overall. Their niche expertise can help you understand the market from a different perspective, and this could well prove to be invaluable information. IT has become a critical competitive edge for most Software Development Offshore Companies, and outsourcing to a team of domain experts can help drive business growth, customer experience, and competitive disruption. 

4. Reduced Time-to-Market

If you have an in-house team in place, the task completion depends on the team’s capacity — whether they have enough time to work on a project, with other projects and processes on priority. Since the outsourced partner already has a dedicated team at hand, you will not have to worry about any of this. Simply hand over the task, discuss the deadlines and project workflows, and leave the rest to them. This results in a reduced time-to-market as well as lower development costs.  

5. Access to Tech Talent Pool

Developing a diverse and robust IT team in-house can be pretty challenging. Another benefit of IT outsourcing is that you can gain access to skilled labor across all competencies in a time and cost-effective way. Be it offshore product development, enterprise IT needs, consulting, analytics, marketing, or more, outsourcing agencies can provide a team of tech professionals offering turn-key solutions that meet your needs, specifics, and budget. 

6. Enhanced Culture 

When undergoing a digital transformation, you need to have the right culture that helps in aligning your projects and operations to your final digitization goals. An outsourced team will have the ability to implement digitization to develop and deliver your projects in the right manner. Outsourcing can thus help you upgrade your business processes to build an appropriate, risk-intensive development culture. 

7. Focus on Core Operations

Outsourcing enables you to focus more on the core business strategy instead of stressing over managing the complex and time-consuming IT projects and operations. By deploying most of these IT development tasks to a partner agency, you can use the time to become more productive in other key operations, leverage your strengths and competencies, and work towards sustained business growth.  


If you have not offshored your IT projects and processes before, the idea may seem a little difficult to fathom at first. However, regardless of the size or scale of your business, IT offshoring can really be the way forward. Outsourcing can help you reap a lot of benefits, but you need to tread carefully when selecting the right offshore development companies in India . You do not just want the cost-benefit, but also a partner with relative industry experience in dealing with both global clients as well as the latest technologies. At NGenious Solutions, we have over a decade of experience in transforming businesses around the world digitally. Reach out to us today to know more about how outsourcing can add value to your business.