365Appz SharePoint Accelerator Kit – Most Preferred Choice for SharePoint Portal Development

SharePoint online or Office 365, though providing the best solution amongst the rival cloud solutions, still has the same concerns that the client had with the on-premise implementation. Designing and developing portals based on SharePoint is a troublesome task. The process is costly and takes months for completion. At the end of the day, it lays heavy on your budget, resources and precious time.

Besides if you are planning a complete new intranet website on office 365, the process will need proper planning, a good amount of resources, perfect architecture strategy and significant efforts are needed. It will require some months to develop the right solution. Further, the concern of reusability of the developed solution is another big concern. This concern demanded the flexibility of the solution to facilitate migrating off the solution back to on-premise versions of SharePoint, if needed, without redeveloping everything right from scratch.

Keeping the above issue faced by our clients, decided to launch “SharePoint Accelerator Kit” under our exclusive trademark “365Appz”.

365Appz- SharePoint accelerator Kit is ready to use a complete package of individual components which enables clients to implement a visually rich and user-friendly intranet on top of SharePoint with many reusable components that can be used across entire SharePoint Online platform.

Some of the several noticeable perspectives to understand, in order to sense the worth of this kit for your enterprise –

  • 365appz designs are compatible with almost all modern browsers and devices, delivering perfect user experience.
  • Client to get 3 custom mobile responsive themes with fresh colors along with this kit, which is easy to configure. The client can change the themes to maintain the user engagement to the SharePoint sites.
  • Compatible with both SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint 2016 versions.
  • Management and extending theme website is very easy. You can add, edit, delete and re-order the pages of your website without taking help from the developers.
  • The Kit comes bundled with 19 office amazing SharePoint add-ins
  • An OOTB content approval process is deployed to maintain the integrity of site’s information.
  • A user can organize data across multiple pages with different layouts.

For more details about SharePoint Online Tool Kit please keep connected to this blog.

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