Upgrades & Migrations

All companies at some stage feel the need to upgrade their systems for various reasons. Enterprises today need a simple solution that migrates all of organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems. The main parameters involved being performance, manageability, scalability and flexibility, at the lowest possible cost.

People often speak of upgrades and migrations interchangeably, but they are actually different paths.

SharePoint Upgrade

Upgrading SharePoint from an older version to a more recent one is perhaps the most popular service. On the most basic level, an upgrade is the process of replacing your existing software with a newer version of the same product. The process includes upgrading an existing SharePoint installation to a newer major version (e.g. SP2003 to SP2007, SP2007 to SP2010, SP2010 to SP2013). People tend to think that a SharePoint "upgrade" is as simple as installing the latest version of SharePoint on the server and then the content and documents will automatically port over. This could not be further from the truth! There’s much more to "upgrading" SharePoint than simply installing some software on the server.

SharePoint Migration

A migration often involves replicating your data and processes on an entirely different platform. However, a migration can occur across versions of the same software product, like Microsoft SharePoint. Importing content and metadata into SharePoint from any legacy document repository. even if that legacy document repository is SharePoint. The Migration process of transitioning customizations and services from one Microsoft® SharePoint® development environment throughout testing, staging and production environments is often a complex, labor-intensive and error prone process. Countless policies and manual tasks are typically required to ensure successful execution and propagation of these applications into a production SharePoint environment. Migration is always critical and therefore is a tricky decision. With live, working, enterprise-wide sites, that’s customized to access structured and unstructured data running into 100s of GB and possibly TBs, ensuring business continuity becomes top priority. Effective management and automation of release operations are vital to a successful SharePoint deployment. Without proper planning or control, errors or changes during the staging process could result in increased time-to-value, project delays and poor application reliability.
  • Whether it is SharePoint Upgrade with Migration of data or only migration of data and processes from an entirely different platform to SharePoint Platform, NGenious Solutions can help you seamlessly transition into SharePoint structures with minimal loss of information. Our SharePoint professionals can help you migrate SharePoint and streamline the business-critical processes simply and efficiently. With an effective use of accumulated knowledge, NGenious Solutions helps increase the return on investment in SharePoint and lower the total cost of Migration to SharePoint.

  • With NGenious Solutions you get:

  • Extensive experience in migrating a wide range of systems into the SharePoint environment.

  • Advantage of a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) qualified team of consultants, architects, developers, designers and trainers providing comprehensive analysis, architecture, implementation and deployment services ensuring a successful SharePoint implementation having extensive experience in the Healthcare, Media, Financial and Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Detailed Migration Plan by Certified Project Managers.

  • Assured performance, manageability, scalability and flexibility, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Industry proven methodologies and procedures from our partners like Microsoft, to devise solutions and manage third party suppliers to deploy them at your premises or off-site data centers in a phased manner to ease the change impact.

  • Stringent processes with stepped approach to make sure the transition is streamlined as much as possible.

  • Migration followed by Staff training on the new infrastructure, if need be, to speed up the adoption process.

  • If you have planned to take advantage of SharePoint features, capabilities and future upgrade-ability and are in search for SharePoint Migrations experts, Contact Us to know how we can help you further. You may also e-mail your inquiries to info@ngenioussolutions.com, we will be pleased to support, lead or coordinate the migration with you.
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