Information Architecture

The best way to understand about information architecture is that it's a blueprint, a way to organize your information so it's easy to find by the right people. And while SharePoint isn't the only platform that is in need of well-defined information architecture, it is one, that if badly defined, can cause more information silos and frustrated employees than you can even imagine.

The art and science of structuring, organizing and labeling information to help people find and Manage information.
 Lou Rosenfeld and Peter Morville, from the authors of the polar bear book.

The key to getting it right is to plan it right, from the start. Modeling your SharePoint Server based environment begins with analyzing your existing solutions and estimating the expected demand and targets for the deployment you are planning to set up.

It is only after you have finished collecting some facts or estimates of the solution you need to deliver, you are ready to start the next step of designing a proposed architecture that you predict will be able to sustain the expected demand.

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