So you've got your hands-on SharePoint, and you're excited!!

SharePoint's power and ease of use have made it one of the hottest selling pieces of software to hit the market.

One of the keys to SharePoint's popularity is its ease of use. If administered wisely, SharePoint can be a tremendously powerful resource. However, because it is so easy to build new sites, SharePoint systems can grow quickly and become unwieldy. And that is why a SharePoint governance plan is essential.

Regulating SharePoint affects many users and most of us will look for guidance about managing our use of it at some point. Rules, technology, responsibilities, protocol and policies need to be written out in advance.

Proper SharePoint governance assigns responsibilities and access levels to various members of your organization to ensure SharePoint runs smoothly. In short, SharePoint governance determines how SharePoint will run, who will do it and what equipment will be used.

Establishing these policies early ensures the system will run in an orderly fashion afterwards.

Among other things, a SharePoint governance plan addresses:
  • Individual and group roles and responsibilities.
  • Hardware.
  • Storage.
  • Locations.
  • Operations.
  • Application Usage.
  • Branding.
  • Configuration.
  • Navigation.
  • Training.
  • Support.
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