• Design to meet your company's needs and culture
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Brand SharePoint Intranet, Extranet and Office 365
  • Brand to adapt with mobile devices

Branding / Customization

Branding Microsoft SharePoint is an important part of a business's corporate communications and brand strategy, ensuring consistency of look and feel and the projection of brand values. However, it is something that is often overlooked.

Branding usually involves the colors, fonts, logos and supporting graphics that make up a distinct look and feel of the site, be it a website, intranet or extranet. When it's well done it has a positive effect on users, in the same way that a nicely decorated room creates a welcoming and harmonious effect. Having an attractive branded digital environment will make users come back time and time again.

Branding SharePoint effectively is an important factor in driving user adoption for your site. This is key to successful SharePoint implementation.

We are only looking at an internal facing interface, Why brand Microsoft SharePoint?

For most organisations, the reason to brand a SharePoint site is to make it unique and "not look like SharePoint". They also want to make it consistent with their corporate brand standards.

SharePoint 'out of the box' is bland and doesn't evoke interest. It needs to be cutting edge yet functional in order to engage with your target audience. This is where branding SharePoint becomes an important part of a business's communication strategy. It's about taking your people with you, presenting consistency of communication, promoting and enforcing brand values, corporate styling and attitude to business, etc.

Branding SharePoint is a specialized service we undertake working alongside our other SharePoint Services. Our team of SharePoint Branding experts can help extend SharePoint Portal to design both internal and external facing SharePoint sites.
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