Infopath Forms

Every Organization deals with various forms and documents , and most of them are required to go through an approval process.

Business processes such as document approval can be automated by associating a workflow with the SharePoint data, notifying the approver of work to be done and the submitter of the outcome of the approval process. Other workflow examples include coordinating the interaction of a group of individuals (such as preparing a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation for a conference or a new project proposal) or tracking a set of issues, including the tasks, the responsibilities, and the status, on an ongoing basis.

SharePoint being a very flexible platform, provides us with multiple methods that can be used to build our processes.

For example, in an SharePoint site, you can add a workflow to a document library that routes a document to a group of people for approval. When the document author starts this workflow on a document in that library, the workflow creates document approval tasks, assigns these tasks to the workflow participants, and then sends e-mail alerts to the participants with task instructions and a link to the document to be approved. While the workflow is in progress, the workflow owner (in this case, the document author) or the workflow participants can check the Workflow Status page to see which participants have completed their workflow tasks. When the workflow participants complete their workflow tasks, the workflow ends, and the workflow owner is automatically notified that the workflow has completed.

Microsoft SharePoint Technology provides many features that can help you integrate and streamline your business processes. One can use the InfoPath Forms Services server technology to create browser-based forms and gather data from organizations not using Microsoft Office InfoPath . People in such organizations can complete forms in HTML-enabled mobile device or a Web browser . Workflows automatically move documents or items through a sequence of actions or tasks related to a business process. Workflows can streamline the cost of coordinating common business processes, such as project approval or document review, by managing and tracking the tasks involved.
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