Database Upgrades & Migrations

Database Upgrade and Migration Service for Your Environment
Our administrators perform the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments every day using various methods, testing, configuration and fall-back routines. We service any version, any operating system and any complexity and have likely seen and completed it already in more than 200 upgrades we have performed in the past years. Our expert DBAs frequently assist further in implementing new Capabilities and performance improvements, ultimately enhancing database availability, reliability and recoverability.

NGenious Solutions is unique in its capacity to design, document, articulate from continual upgrade scenarios and shared intellect to quickly get your solution in place.

The Most Prevalent End-of-Life Upgrades Include:
  • SQL Server: All versions up to SQL Server 2014.
  • Oracle: All versions up to latest 11gR2 release.
  • MY SQL: 4.4 and 5.x upgrades.

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