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  • Easy to scale
  • Access from anywhere with Office 365

Cloud Solutions

Office 365 SharePoint Online

Since many decades from the day of Inventions of high end business servers, organizations have been using in-house data centers to manage IT computing resources (otherwise known as managing servers and other resources on-premises). However over the last several years, since the introduction of Cloud based services, there has been a considerable shift from on – Premise services to cloud-based services, helping those organizations to off-load the burden of managing hardware and software updates to organizations that host those servers and other resources in internet-accessible datacenters.

Cloud Based services have come as a boon to many business users, especially the small and Medium level business organization. Cloud Based services helps reduce technical complexity and investment budget and gain productivity, flexibility and Agility all at the same time. Thus, Business users can focus on what they want to do, rather than focusing on managing IT resources, saving both time and considerable money of the business.

Some of the key considerations to be considered when assessing the downside of using the traditional on-premises method are as follows:
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Storage
  • Extranet Deployments
  • High Availability
  • Information Sprawl
  • Server Sprawl
  • Trading Capital Expense with Variable expense

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based service that combines Office 365 SharePoint online, Office, Lync and Microsoft Exchange. Office 365 is a combination of various Microsoft's online productivity tools like email, Web Apps, Storage to communications services.

If you’re looking to remove the burden of collaborating both inside and outside the organization, In- house document storage and managing email, Office 365 might be a perfect solution. In Comparison to other cloud solutions, Office 365 provides a robust enterprise-scale solution.
  • Office anywhere - Connect Office work from any location
  • Email, collaboration and conferencing - Increase collaboration
  • Enterprise social - Work like a network
  • Personalized insights - Do-it-yourself Business Intelligence
  • Security and controls - Industry-leading cloud security
  • Sales productivity - Increase Sales
  • Boost marketing - Front End face of your Business

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