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Display rating control in xslt list view webpart after migration from SP2010 to SP2013


   Make sure you have Ratings setting enabled in your list/ library.   As the rating field is not shown properly;     Add below link for XSLT; <xsl:include href=”/_layouts/15/xsl/blog.xsl”/> <xsl:include href=”/_layouts/15/xsl/internal.xsl”/> <xsl:include href=”/_layouts/15/xsl/fldtypes_Ratings.xsl”/>   Add below code for Rating; <xsl:call-template name=”emit_RatingsInitialization”/> <xsl:apply-templates select=”$Fields[@Name=’AverageRating’]” mode=”PrintField”> <xsl:with-param name=”thisNode” select=”$thisNode”/> <xsl:with-param name=”Position” select=”$Position”/> </xsl:apply-templates>

SharePoint 2013 BreadCrumb On Master Page


 Let’s bring the breadcrumb back to SharePoint 2013! By default SharePoint 2013 design manager  doesn’t have a breadcrumb snippet . If you are going to build master page for sharepoint 2013 and wants breadcrumb in your master page, this was a very helpful feature to navigate back in your site and some users really miss

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